Shauna Lardner is an independent accredited mediator specialising in Family, Separating Couples, Workplace, Community and Agricultural mediation in Galway and Nationwide. 

She has a BA (Hons) in Community and Family Studies from National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) and an MA (Hons) in Conflict Management from St. Angela's College, Sligo and NUIG. 

Shauna has additional qualifications in Family Law, Child Protection Issues, Couple Dynamics and the Family Mediation Process which is certified by Roundtable, Alternative Dispute Resolutions, Cork. 


She is also an accredited mediator with the Mediators' Institute of Ireland. 

She strongly believes that mediation is an important way forward in the way we resolve disputes in all areas of our lives, whether they are personal or professional.


Shauna also believes that mediation is extremely beneficial in protecting relationships and has seen first hand how mediation has helped those relationships to continue in a positive and respectful manner into the future. 

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