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“Relationship breakdown is traumatic for everyone affected by it. Mediation can help couples decide how to move forward separately in a way that works for them, and for their children. It's incredibly desirable for people in family disputes to find their own resolution through Mediation which fosters goodwill for the future, rather than conflict based approaches which can permanently destroy already strained relations"

 (The Mediators' Institute of Ireland)


During this emotional time, many couples can argue and experience immense hurt and stress.  This can make dealing with any practical issues even more difficult. Family Mediation will help and guide couples and families to consider the different types of practical issues that may arise through separation, such as living arrangements, parenting, succession issues, asset distribution and maintenance. 

Reasons why parties decide to go through this process:

  • Family mediation is specifically designed to cater for children's needs.

  • Family disputes can be extremely upsetting and stressful - Mediation promotes a positive environment in order to reduce conflict and help individuals to feel safe and comfortable.

  • Mediation is confidential so no-one will know your private business. 

  • Mediation is completely impartial and non judgmental. 

  • Aims to create a long term lasting agreement. 

  • There are many different types of families; marital, non marital, couples with and without children, same sex and blended families.  Every family is different and unique and has different needs.  Family mediation gives the parties the opportunity to explain these needs and their position fully so that everybody knows where they stand.   

Family/separating couples sessions usually happen on a weekly basis. As every family circumstances are different, the amount of weekly sessions needed will depend on the complexity of the situation. At the end of the mediation process, the parties will decide if an agreement has been reached and the parties will determine if the agreement ("mediation settlement")  is to be enforceable between them. 

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community mediation

Community mediation works towards improving the quality of life for people living in a community. Mediation supports and empowers individuals, groups and organisations to live in peace while reducing the need for local authorities or community representatives to become involved in the dispute.

Reasons why parties decide to go through this process:

  • It encourages individuals to take responsibility for the resolution of their issue and to have control in regards to the outcome. 

  • Community mediation has evolved significantly in Ireland over the past decade as it is seen to help preserve parties interests while also building relationships and strengthening connections between individuals and groups. 

  • Allows parties to keep their respect and dignity. 

  • It encourages individuals to handle future disputes more effectively. 

Mediation can be helpful in the following areas:

Complaints about noise/pets

Boundary disputes

Resident's Association 

Community Gardening

workplace mediation

Mediation is an extremely cost effective and efficient way to resolve disputes within the workplace. Conflict in any working environment can lead to lower productivity or the loss of an invaluable employee. Mediation offers parties involved in disputes the opportunity to find a resolution to their issues in an informal manner and in complete confidence. Mediation can help to resolve disputes between employees or disputes that may arise between employees and their employer. 

Reasons why parties decide to go through this process:

  • An external mediator will have no connection to the dispute and therefore will be completely neutral.

  • Mediation offers a safe place for disputants to air their problems. 

  • Mediation is beneficial in calming disputes down before they are escalated to involve formal procedures.

  • Mediation can assist in helping individuals to reach agreements that benefit everyone involved while also working on maintaining a positive working environment into the future. 

  • Anything that is discussed between the parties and the mediator will not go any further unless otherwise agreed. 

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