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I was delighted to be asked to contribute to this wonderful book Living Together, Separating, Divorcing; Surviving During a Pandemic which is now available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format


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The book is the work of over 70 leading Mediators and related professionals to help you deal with the loss of income, lack of accommodation, child care, and dealing with each other!

Families are under attack. Of course, we all worried about the pandemic. Families are also overwhelmed by the staggering effects of daily confinement, managing children’s education, the uncertain economy income, and anxiety about the future.

Would you like practical advice for getting through the pandemic? Would your family be helped by some tips for handling the daily challenges?

Read this book. It’s filled with useful information for coping with the daily stresses and tensions brought about by the pandemic.

Read this book. It’s helpful if you’re a couple, together or separated, working well as partners or can’t communicate. It’s helpful if you are parents of toddlers or you have adult children now living with you. It’s helpful if you are concerned about an elderly or ailing family member.

We are all in the stormy seas of COVID-19. Read this book for help so you can make it safely to shore.

Who will benefit from the advice in this book?

  1. Are you living together, forced to shelter in place while one or both of you is thinking about or already in the process of separation and divorce?

  2. Are you already divorced or separated with shared parenting and ongoing financial ties, trying to adjust to conditions forced on you by the pandemic?

  3. Are you living together but find you are increasingly anxious as people are forced together 24/7 and facing financial uncertainty?

We offer this book as a source of practical advice and helpful tips for all these families. Our advice will help ease the tension, offer alternatives for managing life at home, and offer some hope that some way or another, you can get through this.

The contributors to this book are professionals who help families in distress. In this time of crisis, we want to use our knowledge and experience to help make life just a bit better for families during the pandemic. We come from 10 countries. We are mediators, lawyers, politicians, financial experts, mental health, and child experts.

These are some of the challenges we tackle:
  • Children—help with school, discipline, time on screens, finding activities, etc.

  • Finances—creating or altering budgets, cutting expenses, managing with less income, dealing with creditors

  • Managing physical space, internet/computer usage, TV, and chores, when there are more people at home for longer periods, including adult children and children home from university

  • Spending time in the same space 24/7 with someone you may be divorcing.

  • Access to children-for those separated or divorced. How to manage safely, if at all.

  • Choices when physical access is not possible.

  • Support payments- impact of changes in income and expenses

  • Access to courts is restricted

On a final note, we would like to mention our partner in crime, Fiona McAuslan, who would have been in the middle of the madness of developing and producing a book in two weeks, if it was not for the small matter of COVID-19 knocking at her door. During her time out, she did manage to provide us with an article about her experiences with the Pandemic.

– Michael and Peter

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